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Dylan McInnis

In memory of Dylan McInnis

The outpouring from the hockey community was amazing!  It reinforced why so many enjoy the game of hockey.  Not only is it a great game but for many, this is their second family.  We spend 2-3 days a week for 6 months together.  We get to know each other pretty well.

It was requested by the family that people wear hockey jerseys in honor of Dylan, the day before the funeral.  Thanks to social media, players from organizations throughout the state were posting pictures of themselves wearing a jersey on our Facebook page.  There were groups at schools, individuals, families and business.  The response was nothing short of tremedous.  Even the Boston Bruins posted a tweet in remembrance of Dylan.  Scroll down to see a sampling of posted images.

He was a special player that many of us were lucky enough to know.

The local TV station, WABI, did a story on him and Bangor Daily News blogger, Travis Baker wrote a piece.  Links for both can be found below.

Dylan C. McInnis


OLD TOWN—Dylan C. McInnis, 14, died in his sleep due to a congenital heart defect on May 6, 2016.  He was born in Bangor February 26, 2002 a son of Charles “Chip” and Jaime (Ramsdell) McInnis.

Dylan was an amazing young man who displayed his kind, caring and compassionate nature to those around him. His concern for others and his technological gift was exhibited by making sure everyone’s phones were updated and charged. If there was a connection issue,

one would turn to Dylan to make it right.  There was more than one instance of his adept technical abilities helping teachers or even presenters with a project, ensuring that everything was working properly.  He enjoyed school and his STEM classes and participating in invention convention.  Dylan loved hockey.  He participated in the Maine Jr. Black Bears hockey program where he played on several teams, and served as a mentor in the Learn To Skate and Learn to Play opportunities for younger players.  He was a dedicated Boston Bruins fan and dreamed of one day playing for his favorite team.  Several years ago Dylan and his family moved from Bradley to Pushaw Lake and Dylan loved lake life.  He would spend hours on the dock, feeding the fish and ducks bread; he enjoyed swimming during warm summer afternoons, enjoyed boat rides with his family and loved jet skiing with his dad.  Dylan enjoyed his quiet time as well, spending time becoming a photographer and capturing the sunset every night.  He also loved to study the weather.  He was very attentive to his cousin Meghan’s needs when she was sick and wanted to play the Rascal Flats song “what hurts the most” following her death.  He also enjoyed camping and going on scooter rides with his Grampy.  Dylan had aspiration of attending the University of Maine to study New Media and had planned on being a Counselor in Training at the Old Town Rec Program this summer.  

He is survived by his parents Chip and Jaime McInnis; maternal grandmother Pat Ramsdell, paternal grandmother Nancy Hansen; aunts and uncles Cris and Mindy McInnis, Cammy and Mike Caron, Amy and Steve Hogan, Troy and Barbara Ramsdell, Kevin Ramsdell and Wally Ramsdell; close frineds Ben and Sue Estes, Gabe Talon and Garrett Kirlin; many friends, teachers, and coaches.  

He was predeceased by his grandfathers Rufus “Ganky” Ramsdell and Philip McInnis and cousin Meghan.


Hockey Community Shows Support for Old Town Teen by Wearing Jerseys for Dylan

Eric Gullickson

Kicking the puck through homeplate.

A sampling of Facebook posts of people honoring Dylan by wearing their hockey jersey,

May 10, 2016

Mailing address: PO Box 2087 Bangor ME 04401