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USA Hockey Zero Tolerance

Verbal and Physical Abuse of Officials

Inappropriate Spectator Behavior

** Any fan who violates this policy will be asked to leave the rink and will not be able to return to ANY MJBB event until they meet with disciplinary committee **

Why Zero Tolerance?

Recently, several negative aspects of today's society have crept into the sport of ice hockey with a vengeance. The increasing number of physical assaults against on-ice officials reached staggering proportions during the past season. There were over 75 reported incidents of direct physical confrontations from a player, coach, or spectator in amateur hockey. These assaults have occurred at all levels of our game.

As a result of the alarming number of physical assaults against officials, the USA Hockey Board of Directors has developed a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding the verbal abuse of officials and inappropriate spectator behavior. Verbal abuse of officials is the first step leading to physical abuse of officials. This Zero Tolerance Policy has been unanimously endorsed by the Youth, Junior, and Senior Councils, the District Referees-In-Chief, and the Coaching Education Program Directors for immediate implementation have unanimously endorsed this Zero Tolerance Policy.

To make ice hockey a more desirable and rewarding experience for all participants, the USA Hockey Board of Directors has instructed the Officiating Program to adhere to certain points of emphasis relating to sportsmanship. These points were written and implemented to maintain a sportsmanlike and educational atmosphere before, during and after all USA Hockey sanctioned games.

What is Zero Tolerance?

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