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Ages 3 and Up
Begins January 6th at 10:50am @ Sawyer Arena
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2017-18 T2 & T3 Teams

U12 T3 '06

1 Getto Luke
2 Guimond Jackson
3 Hagerty Seamus
4 Katie McCarthy
5 Leland Tucker
6 Maher Conner
7 Mccannell Alex
8 Mckay Colin
9 Mckenney Cade
10 Moscone J Michael
11 Randall Miles
12 Sevigny Carter
13 Trott Iv Richard
14 Walker Ty
G Pawson Caleb

U12 T3 '07

1 Biberstein Jacob
2 Cannan Noah
3 Culina Nathan
4 Dunn Lucas
5 Griffin Kyle
6 Lindquist Zachary
7 Mitchell Ridge
8 Moscone Phillip
9 Pelc William 
10 Perron Marc Andre
11 Slocum Andrew
12 Williams Jordin
13 **  
14 **  
G Grass Calvin


**Positions still available as we continue to assess players over the summer and fill the vacancies prior to starting the season.

U14 T2

1 Campbell Chase
2 Collatos Perry
3 Harris Charles
4 Henderson Adam
5 Henderson Cameron
6 Kenney Tyler
7 Kreutz Noah
8 Legassie Cameron
9 Mccannell Connor
10 McKenney Chase
11 Tash Morgan
12 Vickery John
13 Vose Peyton
14 Walls Carter
G Doughty Liam
G Donovan Aaron

U14 T3

1 Bouchard Ian
2 Brooks Keith
3 Fleming Maxwell
4 Gilpatrick Jason
5 Ireland Cooper
6 Lindsay Lucas
7 Loranger Collin
8 Madden Brandon
9 Mathieu Rachel
10 Murray Blaine
11 Robbins Caleb
12 Rochefort Morgan
13 Ryan Joshua
14 Tibbits Nathan
15 Vanidestine Grady
G Bartlet Gavin 
G Fremouw Rowen


U16 T3 

1 Brook Ben
2 Campbell Jackson
3 Collett Jason
4 Evans Tanner
5 Hale Khaleb
6 Hyatt Sean
7 McCarthy Daniel
8 Scripture Aidan
9 Shawley Parker
10 Talon Gabe
11 Thompson Adam
12 Vining Gavin
13 Wilson Eli
14 Young Nate
G Doughty Cam
G Hirsch Jake


- Jerry McKenney
- Mike Moscone

- Nate Baker
- Guy Perron

Brett Hale

Guy Perron

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